Our Story

With over 50 countries visited and a passion for travel, it was finally time to make the big move down under for 2014! The booming economy and the Aussie lifestyle were huge factors in my decision. I started out in Sydney and then jumped at the chance to travel the East Coast for 2 weeks. I loved Queensland and that feel of real Australia about it, where 2 weeks turned into nearly 2 years travelling and working along the East Coast as a travel agent for some of the biggest adventure travel companies in Australia, mainly located in Noosa and Brisbane. 

It gave me the opportunity to travel around Australia and New Zealand, hitting up the best spots and learning about each location and the ones off the beaten track too. I then returned to Queensland after a camper van trip around New Zealand, a stay in Melbourne and somehow completing my 88 days farm-work after bombing around Northern Oz looking for a last minute job with only 92 days of my visa left! 

I’ve luckily been the only travel agent ever to work and consult for two of the biggest competing travel agencies in Australia at the exact same time, it’s a long story!! 

With a dream travel job in the paradise town of Noosa, life was good. Offering advice and guidance from my own personal travel experience down under to fellow backpackers was extremely rewarding and exciting. 

Working for a high street, big branded travel agency was an amazing experience but under their rules and I didn’t see my future there. I found an aggressive salesman-like environment in the industry, which made me lose my love for all I had encountered in my previous years. I learned that customers were being sent on trips that weren’t suited for them, but tailored to that agencies preferences instead, just for a quick buck! I decided to get out and start Travel Playground; an independent travel agency that would send the customer exactly where they wanted to go! Customise their trip specifically for their interests, budget and time frame: https://travelplayground.com.au/trip-planner                              

 Writing my own rules with a real and personalised approach to give you exactly what you want. We have access to all the best tours, trips and daily activities and promise to be 100% unbiased when it comes to offering you the very best trip you can possibly experience at a fantastic rate.As an experienced worldwide traveller, specialising in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Asia who wants to give back the extraordinary journeys and life time memories I have encountered to you. 

We offer great deals on all things travel: accommodation, tours, daily activities, camper & car hire and bus passes in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Asia and much more!

Where is your next playground!

Check out our website and start planning your next adventure, I’m Here to help! 

Where is your next playground!