Terms & Conditions


If a tour is cancelled by the tour operator or customer due to Covid (Borders Closing, Lockdown, etc), these options are available: full credit or a free change of dates is honoured, or a refund (with the below policy).

Credit card fees paid to us for trips, deposits of accommodation, transport and luggage storage are not transferable or refundable. Please note that deposits on bookings are also non-refundable. 

If you are unable to make your trip / or travel – most tours, hostels, bus passes and camper / car hire will allow a free change of date, have your tickets changed to open dated or make a credit voucher for the same amount available.

Travel Playground will not charge a fee to make your tickets any of the above changes and will not charge a fee to book you in / re-schedule your trip to your new dates.

If you cancel your travel altogether without setting your tickets to open dated or date change, or not obtaining a credit voucher – the individual tour / activity company, hostel, bus company and car & camper hire’s cancellation policy comes into affect. 

On top of their policy, 5% – 15% of the value of the travel that was booked on your behalf and cancelled will be lost out to the system’s fee & any fees that we have incurred during the booking process, if tickets aren’t date changed or open dated to use sometime in the future (“Cancellation Fee”). 

If the tour operator cancels your tour, you’ll receive 100% refund minus any fees (5-15%) to cover the cancellation, booking and refund process (System’s Fee etc).

In addition, if a Service Provider charges us for the cancelled travel, this amount is from your refund that we are charged on your behalf by the Service Provider.

With Covid, tour operators understand these tough times we’re in and most offer a full refund, or a change of date, or lastly 100% Credit to use in the future.

The Cancellation Fee will apply in all cases where a tour is able to run. For example, if you are unable to reach a tour due to an “act of God” (for example a road is cut off due to flooding) the normal Cancellation Fee will apply if the tour still runs in your absence or would have run but for your absence (except due to Covid). If a tour or other travel service is cancelled by the Service Provider, we will refund you the amount paid for the tour or other travel service less 5-15% system’s fee. This full refund minus fee is subject to a fully refundable amount being given to Travel Playground from the supplier who is cancelling. We highlight here that all suppliers have different cancellation terms, and is on a case by case basis, please see each tour / hostel operators terms and conditions policy on their own website.

Where a refund or other payment applies, you may choose to transfer the whole cost of the tour to another tour. Whilst we normally attempt to process refunds swiftly, situations (such as natural disasters) may result in up to 21 days processing time, due to high volume.