Do You Take Deposits For Trips, Campers & Car Hire?

Yes, we take deposits for all campers & car hire and most trips. 

Can I Pay For Some of My Trip Now and Some Later?

For Most Trips, Yes!

Do You Book Campers & Motorhomes?

Yes, We Partner With All Hire Companies in Oz, NZ & Some in Ireland! To Receive Your Discounted Quote Please Click Here!

How Do I Pay?

Payment for Bookings Can Be Made By Bank Transfer, Card Payment & Through Our Website!

Can I Customise / Personalise My Own Trip?

Yes of Course, let Us Know What You Need Through our Trip Planner Page and We’ll Put Your Package Together To Suit You!

Can We Organise My Trip Over A Video – Call?

Yes! This is The Best and Easiest Way to Discuss Your Trip. You Can Schedule a Video – Call by Clicking Here!

Can We Discuss My Trip in Person?

Yes, We Can Discuss Your Trip in Person, Contact us Here for Details.

Can I book With You Outside Of Australia & New Zealand?

Yes, We Accept All Types of Card Payments From All Countries.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Please Click Here For Our Terms and Conditions Page.

Which Transport Options Do You Have?

In Australia & New Zealand, We Book For You Bus Tours, Bus Tickets, Camper & Car Hire & Ferry / Cruise Tickets.

We Don’t Book Flights (But can advise on them for your trip!).

Which Accommodation Do You Book?

We Have Access To Book Every Hostel In Australia & New Zealand, with Discounts on All Their Nightly Rates! Click Here to Book.

Which Trips, Tours & Activities Do You Book?

We Book Them All in Oz & NZ! Click Here to Book.

Do You Provide Information On Travelling and Living (settling into life) in Australia & New Zealand?

Yes, We Do and It Can All Be Found From The More Section in Our Home Page.