Coral Bay Swim with Humpback Whales – Observer

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Join us for a day you will never forget! Let the experienced crew members of Ningaloo Reef Dive take you out on the Ningaloo Reef to watch and swim with the majestic humpback whales migrating through the area!

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An unforgettable experience awaits you out on the Ningaloo Reef with our experienced dive crew! We will endeavour to show you the best of the Ningaloo Reef, watch the incredible migration of the humpback whales through the area and get the opportunity to swim with them!

·       No up-front swim fee charged – only pay extra if you swim with a humpback whale*

·       Direct radio communication between our spotter pilot and your swim leader ensures we get you into the best possible location to see the whales!

·       Only company in Coral Bay to have maximum 2 swim groups – Gives you the most amount of time in the water with the whales!!

·       Two additional snorkels on the reef gives you the opportunity to see as much marine life as possible

·       Your knowledgable and passionate crew is composed of rescue – trained dive masters and instructors

·       Mask, snorkel, fins and full-length wetsuits are provided at no extra cost

·       Large undercover seating area offers a comfortable boat ride

For all those interested in swimming with humpbacks, we don’t want you to pay full price if an interaction is not possible! Whales are incredibly intelligent animals and very fast swimmers so if they do not want to swim with us we cannot force them. This is why we have structured our payments with only paying an initial rate to begin and then if an in water interaction is possible we will charge you the additional fee for a swim! We will try our absolute hardest to ensure that a swim occurs but as the animals dictate the interaction, why should you pay for something that is not possible!?

**Swim fees:

Adult Swimmer – Additional $160.00 charged on the day of your tour if you swim with a whale*

Child Swimmer – Additional $140.00 charged on the day of your tour if you swim with a whale*

Family Swimmers – Additional $600.00 charged on the day of your tour if you swim with a whale*

Our day begins at 7:20am in the shop where we check you in and give you your equipment. We then head down to the jetty to board our large, comfortable vessel and go exploring the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Ningaloo Reef. Everyone has the opportunity to get in the water for a guided snorkel on the reef where we may see sharks, stingrays, turtles and hundreds of fish! From here we head to the outer reef in search of humpbacks and with the help of our spotter plane we locate the whales and observe them in their natural environment. They may breach, slap their pectoral fins or any other number of different surface behaviours. 

If the pilot and skipper deem the whales to be exhibiting the right behaviour, an in-water interaction is possible! At this point those who have signed up for a swimming spot will be gathered on the back deck and with the help of our pilot, skipper and our waterproof radios we enter the water and swim as quickly but quietly as possible to see the whales. We stay in constant communication with the pilot through our radios to help direct the group to get the best chance at an interaction. Please note that humpback whales are highly intelligent creatures and we do not decide to swim with them, they decide to swim with us. Humpbacks are very curious creatures and they may swim right up to the passengers or they may swim past. An in-water interaction is defined as being in the water within the exclusive contact zone determined by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

While out on the outer reef we may spot other wildlife including whale sharks or manta rays, which we may have the opportunity to swim with! You never know what the Ningaloo Reef will have in store for you!

Once we have had our in-water interaction, we come back on the boat and a full lunch buffet is provided. Once we have all filled our bellies and time permitting we head back over to a beautiful spot on the reef for our second snorkel of the day. After we have seen all that we can of the beautiful reef and all the wildlife out there, we come back to land at approximately 4:00pm.

We are permitted a maximum of 14 swimmers on the tour so please decide carefully whether you will be a swimmer or an observer. A swimmer will pay the observer rate and on the date of your tour we will take your credit card details; if an in-water interaction occurs we will charge an additional $160.00 per adult and $140.00 per child. All swimmers must be confident in snorkelling as this is considered an advanced snorkel.

* an in – water interaction (swim) with humpback whales is defined as being in the water within the exclusive contact zone determined by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

Please note no refund or vouchers will be offered if no sighting while in the water occurs


·       All staff have completed the mandatory COVID-19 hygiene training and assessment and a minimum of one staff member on board the vessels will have completed the hygiene officer cours

·       New procedures have been implemented for all the tours and will be explained during the safety briefing on board our vessels

·       Maximum passenger limits have been modified to comply with the current government regulations and seating arrangements are put in place to adhere to social distancing

·       All surfaces will be regularly cleaned and sanitized throughout the day during our tours and in our shop

·       All dishes provided will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with a food safe sanitizer after each use

·       All passengers are encouraged to make their own way to the jetty to minimize being enclosed in a small space on our bus. It is less than a five-minute drive from our shop to the jetty

·       All passengers are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle and drinking cup for hot beverages. If you cannot provide your own, you will be allocated one drinking cup for the duration of the tour

·       All food provided will be pre-packed in individual servings