Hunter Valley Fun Day Tour

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Finally a wine and beer tour targeted solely towards the younger demographic of 18s to 39s. Wild Kangaroos, wineries, organic vodka, chocolate shop, cheese shop, Aussie BBQ lunch and a free drink and nibbles on our return to Sydney 🙂

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So us Coast Warriors have been listening to our past customers, their complaints and recommendations and are happy to say that we are the first company to offer the Hunter Valley Wine Tour that is solely targeted towards the backpacker, student and younger demographic of adults under their mid 30s. We have pieced together an itinerary that we feel best suits you guys with quality over profit being our #1 goal as that is how we roll on all our day trips! So we kickoff from Kings Cross area (10 mins from Bondi) and then duck over to the city pickup which caters for all the city hostels & hotels. We then crank the tunes, hit the NOS button and head over Sydney Harbour Bridge with another pickup at Chatswood (For the Manly peeeeeps) before heading to Morisset Park. Bring some carrots with you as you pat hundreds of wild kangaroos and get that selfie stick party happening!

We then load back into the banter bus and head further north to Hunter Valley where you guessed it, we hit up some wineries. So we go to a cool winery that we will call WINERY XXX where we can learn all things WINE with some tasting to compliment our new knowledge. We then head over to a nearby bbq area where you guessed it, we have a bit of fun and cook an all Aussie BBQ together and I will even show you how to cook kangaroo (we cater for all dietary needs but please let us know at booking). After lunch I guess you all want some desert so we head over to the nearby CHOCOLATE SHOP and if that ain’t your jam we have the CHEESE SHOP right next door.

Wine time again, so we then head over to another sweet as winery called WINERY XXX2  where we can sample some more of Hunter Valleys finest. We then head over to something different- we hit up a cool organic vodka, schnapps ‘n’ gin distillery for some tasting and the chance to take away some real cool pre drinks to your hostel that no one else will have.

By now we are all feeling a little happy as we head back to Sydney flying economy class Coast Warriors Air back to Sydney landing at a couple toilets for the standard Toilet Warriors. We end at a cool bar right near central train & bus station.

Come join!