A beginners guide | What to pack for a ski trip?

1. Skis, Boots and Poles

It’s your first trip skiing, there’s NO need to buy your own skis, boots and poles – HIRE everything you need at the ski resort. The good news is that this is all included in your package price with travel playground so no need to fret – we’ve got this! 

2. Ski Jacket and Pants

More good news! As a first timer on the slopes it’s unlikely you’ll have a jacket or ski pants lying around, and there’s no need to empty the bank account and invest in a state of the art outfit for just 3 days of skiing, this can all be rented for an extra $51 for 3 day hire or around $40 for a 2 day hire with our trips…

If you’d like to explore some budget friendly options, Aldi, Asos and Anaconda release their special buy snow range during winter, with adult ski jackets and pants retailing for less than $80! But get in quick as they don’t last long! 

Asos and Aldi is another great option for affordable snow style. 

ASOS 4505 ski jacket with belt and padded panel detail


Looking to stand out from the crowd? You won’t be missed in one of these blogtastic ASOS rompers, perfect for the snow insta 😉

SKI jumpsuit in colourblock with funnel neck

3. Goggles

Opt for goggles over sunnies if it’s snowing or windy as they will provide better coverage and protection. As a first-timer, don’t be fooled into spending a fortune on them, sites like amazon sell them for under $20.

Budget Ski Goggles

4. Ski Helmet

Helmets are not just for the experts, everyone should wear one. Ski resorts rent out helmets in the ski equipment shops – make sure you get one! 

5. Gloves 

Gloves are a must for the icy conditions, and it’s a good idea to get a waterproof and breathable pair. 

Mountain Warehouse, Rebel Sports, and Sports Direct have a great selection of budget friendly ski gloves starting at as little as $16.

Sports Direct - Ski Gloves

Mountain Warehouse - Ski gloves

6. Base Layers

A must-have item on your packing list! 

On a sunny day in the slopes your base layer can be worn underneath your ski jacket, if it’s a little cooler it can be worn under your mid layer. 

Your base layer top should be comfortable and lightweight while still keeping you warm and dry. 

Amazon, Sports Direct and Mountain Warehouse have some great pocket friendly options. 

Campri Thermal Baselayer Top Mens

Talus Womens Long Sleeved Zip Neck Top

Neleus Men's 3 Pack Athletic Compression Sport Running Long Sleeve T Shirt

7. Mid Layer

Provided you’ve got a good base layer and a ski jacket, you can wear more-or-less what you like in between. Depending on how cold it is, you can add or subtract layers, on sunnier days a base layer and your jacket may be all you’ll need.  

8. Neck warmer/Neck Gaiter 

Completely optional, as you could always wear a scarf you already have at home to keep the neck chills at bay. 

The idea of a fleecy neckwarmer is to help fill the nasty gap between your ski jacket and helmet, creating a buffer to any wind whistling down your neck. 

For a beginner on the slopes, there’s no need to spend anything over $5 on a neck warmer as it’s not essential. 

Amazon and Ebay have some super cheap options if you’d like to pack one!

9. Woolly hat/Headband

If you like the idea of keeping your ears toasty, a woolly hat or a headband is essential. 

Chances are you already have a multitude of woolly options to choose from, but if you’re keen to turn heads at apres ski here’s a few fun vibrant options to choose from! 

Reusch Noah Beanie 01

WNDRR  Follow Saunders Beanie

Sports Direct - Men's Beanie

MORGAN & TAYLOR  Follow Susannah Beanie

MORGAN & TAYLOR  Follow Betina Beanie

10. Ski Socks

Most important! An essential item to pack to give you some cushioning from the clunky ski boots. Again as a beginner there’s no need to dash into your closest Kathmandu and splurge on the cream of the crop of ski socks, thick calf-length seamless sports socks will do just fine if you’re on a tight budget.

Sports direct have a huge selection of ski socks to suit everyone’s budget, I’ve listed the best value pairs below, available in both men’s and ladie’s sizes. 

Campri Snow Socks 2 Pack Ladies

11. Backpack

While its not essential to have a backpack, it can come in very handy to store extra layers, sun cream and some snacks when you’re spending a full day on the slopes. 

It also serves as a great place to keep your go pro when you’re not filming! 

12. Sunscreen

Yes, you’re going skiing and it feels simply wrong to be packing a tube of suncream alongside your snow goggles, but I promise you that the sun at altitude is so strong – Kim knows!

13. Wintersports Insurance

As skiing and snowboarding are regarded as high risk sports, it’s important to check your travel insurance covers your ski holiday, as many standard policies do not cover snow sports.

Don’t leave home without purchasing your insurance and make sure you select the ‘snow sports’ cover, you can purchase cover just for the specific dates and times you are on the slopes, which makes it a small price to pay for peace of mind! 



And you’re all set! Travel Playground offers the best value to whatever snow package you desire. Everything from accommodation, transport, ski equipment, lessons and after parties will be organised! From beginners to the elite, we’ll cater for all levels and send you to the coolest slopes around!

Start planning your trip today! 

Your packing checklist for a weekend of skiing:

  • 2-3 base layers
  • 2 mid-layers
  • 3-4 pairs of ski socks 
  • Woolly hat 
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Backpack 
  • Suncream
  • Snow sports Insurance 

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